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New Rainbow Six Siege Update Brings Dedicated Servers for Voice Chat and Custom Matches

Another much-needed update has arrived for Rainbow Six Siege, which deploys the “foundation for many upcoming improvements” during the ongoing third season.

It was last week when Ubisoft introduced dedicated servers on the Technical Test Servers (TTS) in order to stress-test the improved infrastructure and gather feedback for further adjustments. Update 2.2.2 makes the new servers official for both custom matches and the Terrorist Hunt mode.

Rainbow Six Siege also gets dedicated servers for in-game voice communications. Vivox has agreed to jump in for the popular team-based tactical shooter and implement an improved integrated voice chat service for the community. According to the developer, it will use less bandwidth than before and offer better voice clarity.

The vaulting animation is being improved as well. In all honesty, it is incredibly clunky in its current state. The changes will ensure that the vaulter smoothly transitions through. Most importantly, the animation has been tweaked to reflect where the vaulter is aiming. This will prove immensely useful for defenders are at times are left confused as to where the attacker is watching.

In the cosmetics department, the new Elite Pulse Set is hitting the store with the update. It introduces “a head-to-toe customization that will make you really stand out in the winning screen.” Purchasing the bundle unlocks the Oscillator weapon skin for the M1014, UMP45, 5.7 USG and M45 Meusoc along with Wavelength gadget skin for Pulse’s HB-5 Cardiac Sensor, Slick Victory Animation, Elite Pulse Chibi Charm and Lucky Seventh Uniform.

As appreciation for being loyal and supporting, Ubisoft is gifting all Year 2 Pass owners with Doc’s Gauze headgear and the Mended weapon skin. If you purchase the Year 2 Pass at any point until it expires, you will still receive these two items.

The complete patch notes can be read here, comprising mostly fixes and improvements.