League of Legends’ Runes Reforged Previews Mini-Zhonya, Blink, and Store Credit

Another preview has arrived for the Runes Reforged initiative, giving us a glimpse into the new “Inspiration” runic path for League of Legends.

Posting on the official forums, technical gameplay systems designer Reina “Reinboom” Sweet revealed three new runes slot that aim at outwitting opponents in the early game.

Perfect Timing
A new item called “Stopwatch” will be added later this year as a component for Zhonya’s Hourglass and Guardian Angel. It will cost 600 gold and can only be used once to become invulnerable before it is upgraded into the full item.

Perfect Timing allows the player to start the game with a free item called “Commencing Stopwatch” that transforms into a usable Stopwatch after the first six minutes of a match. The rune also lowers the cooldown on both Zhonya’s Hourglass and Guardian Angel by 15 percent.

If Flash has already been used and is on cooldown, this new rune allows the player to use a channeled version of the summoner spell to achieve the same results after every 20 seconds. However, note that it goes on a 10-second cooldown after entering combat.

Store Credit
The player can enter debt to purchase items from the shop. The amount you can borrow increases with time, starting at 150 gold and increasing by five every minute.

The rune certainly has potential, allowing players to rush early items by taking loans from the bank. However, it has not been clarified as to how the player will be paying back the debt later on.

As always, the Runes Reforged initiative is an ongoing process for League of Legends. Any runes revealed so far are subject to change in terms of name, statistics, icons, rules, and the like.

The Runes Reforged program was announced in May and sees the developer tearing down the walls and rebuilding the entire foundation from scratch. Runes Reforged will see the merging of both Runes and Masteies into one singular entity. Most importantly, after years of enduring long-standing complaints and criticism, League of Legends will finally offer runes for free. It is slated to go live around the pre-season in November this year.