LawBreakers Struggles at Launch, Sees Lower Numbers Than Beta and Battleborn

LawBreakers, a first-person shooter that merges gravity-bending mechanics, was officially released this week but most are not even aware of it.

There is no explanation for the rather stealth arrival of the game except that someone at Boss Key Productions messed up. Despite garnering favorable reviews, as well as being the next major project of decorated industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski, LawBreakers just happened to release one day without without any proper marketing campaign to hype up the crowd.

Whether this is why the game is struggling to keep an active player-base is yet to be determined. LawBreakers saw an abysmal launch this week, with a player-base that is far lower than what it saw during its beta tests. It failed to break through the top 100 games on Steam. To make matters even worse, Battleborn had better numbers at this point in its painful life.

According to GitHyp, a third-party source that collects data from Steam to compile performance graphs, LawBreakers saw just 3,000 concurrent players at launch. This is a reduction of nearly 60 percent over the initial player count from the beta. In comparison, Battleborn saw 12,000 players at peak on its first day.

The situation is only turning for the worse as the numbers are continuing to fall every day. LawBreakers registered nearly 2,700 players at peak on its second day and less than 1,000 players on the third day of launch.

Boss Key Productions should already be considering to go free-to-play, as that is what most developers opt for once the game reaches stagnancy. LawBreakers, though, has not even crossed its first week. With such a low number of players, matchmaking could prove disastrous in the coming days. Unless the developer finds a way to at least bring back the players from the beta, LawBreakers will continue to sink further.

The game is available on PlayStation 4 and PC for those still interested. The developer previously exclaimed interest in releasing it for the Xbox One as well.