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Lawbreakers Game Modes Guide – Know Your Game Modes, Tips, How to Play

In this Lawbreakers Game Modes Guide, we will explain to you all the game modes in Lawbreakers. Lawbreakers is a new fast-paced shooter, which has a pretty cool multiplayer mode. It has different modes and all these modes are unique in terms of gameplay.

Therefore, for you to understand them easily, we have curated this Lawbreakers Game Modes Guide so you can understand what all the hype is all about of all the unique game modes in Lawbreakers. This Lawbreakers Game Modes Guide is easy to understand and we have explained every game mode in detail.

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Lawbreakers Game Modes Guide

Lawbreakers Game Modes Guide details everything that you need to know about game modes in Lawbreakers.

Lawbreakers Game Modes

Game Modes in Lawbreakers

There are currently four game modes in Lawbreakers and each of them is unique and very fun to play. They are really fast paced and really test your mettle with a gun. They are Uplink, Overcharge, Blitz Ball and Turf War. Let us see them in detail.

Lawbreakers Uplink
Uplink is basically related to data downloading like the name suggests. It is one of the most fast-paced game modes and it includes different traditional game modes all combined in one. Therefore, in Uplink, in the center of the map, a device will spawn called Uplink.

Players from each team need to go pick up the device and bring it back to their own device. Once the device is back at the back, your team will start downloading data. Once the status reaches 100%, you need to defend it for another 20 seconds. Once it is done, you will win the match.

Now it sounds really easy when you read it like that but actually, it is all-out war zone during the match. When you go to get the device, you will need to pick it up between hundreds of bullets flying here and there. Then you need to bring in back amongst bullets and then you need to defend it.

Alternatively, if your enemy has it, go and get it back before they complete the download. The first team to complete the download and defend is the winner. This is a fun mode to play with friends.

Lawbreakers Overcharge
Overcharge is similar to Uplink. The only difference here is that when the enemy steals the device, the charge will remain the same. It does not reset to zero. So they can quickly recharge it up and win the game.

To understand it better, in Uplink if you manage to download 50% data and your enemy steals it, it will return to 0% but in Overcharge, the battery level will remain at 50% even if it gets stolen so your enemy will only need to complete it to 50% to win.

This adds a bit more challenge in the game and makes it even more chaotic. The remaining game mode is similar to Uplink. The battery will spawn in the middle and the first team to steal it, bring it back, charge it up and defend it will be the winner.

Lawbreakers Blitz Ball
Blitz Ball can be related to football only that the ball explodes after some time. In Blitz Ball. A large ball will spawn in the middle of the map. The first team to acquire it and bring it back to their base will win a point. The first team to score eight points wins the game.

However, keep one thing in mind, you cannot just pick up the ball and run here and there randomly. As soon as you pick up the ball, a timer will start and the ball will explode if that timer hits zero. Therefore, you must deliver the ball before the timer hits zero.

Lawbreakers Turf War
Turf War is related to Domination of traditional shooter games. In this game mode, the teams fight for three control points placed around the map. Both teams will fight to control these points, which will give them points. More the control points, quickly you will earn score points.

The first team to score 16 will be the winner. However, in some situations, both teams might end up at 15-15 tie. In such situations, the game will enter overtime and the first team to score 17 points will be declared the winner.

This concludes our Lawbreakers Game Modes Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!