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Intel Coffee Lake Spotted in Thailand

Youtuber ADBIG uploaded a video of a tech even in Thailand recently. It showed the upcoming Acer Nitro AN515-31 notebook, equipped with Intel’s Coffee Lake Corei7-8550U CPU with a Geforce 1050ti GPU. The quad core CPU has two cores, eight threads and 20 GBs of DDR4 RAM.

Interestingly, this is the first time Intel’s coffee lake product has been displayed publicly, apart from the numerous rumors and leaks about the processor line ups and their specifications. The laptop will be available soon and cost around 752 USD.

Intel’s previous generation i7 notebooks had 2 cores and 4 threads. Judging from the specifications of this notebook, Intel is planning on doubling the core and thread counts, with possibly, 8 MB of L3 cache because it’s a standard for Intel quad core processors along with multi-threading.

The base frequency of CPU clock is 1.80GHz, which seems fairly low considering the i7-7660U had 2.5GHz of speed. But hopefully, its boost clock is powerful enough to handle single core tasks easily. Since not all the desktop applications use multi cores. Keeping in mind that 15watts is the total power draw limit. They perhaps doubled the cores and discounted the speeds per core.

Comparatively, we may expect that the i5 U-series will have to disable multithreading and lower L3 cache, similarly, i3 U-series may have 2 cores with multi threading or 4 cores with no multi threading. Both i5 and i3 U series notebooks will also have lower clocks than their superior tiers as the trend is.

Apart from the CPU specifications, the Acer Nitro AN515-31a sounds like a really impressive machine with a really decent graphics card that can easily run all modern games on good frame rates. The launch is expected in soon. Along with the fact, the Intel’s Coffee lake desktop line-up is to be unveiled before quarter 4 2017.