Guerrilla Games: It’s Too Early To Talk About The Future Of Killzone Franchise

Guerrilla Games is known for developing the widely popular Killzone franchise and the studio’s latest project, Horizon Zero Dawn, is completely different from what Killzone franchise is. Earlier this year rumor emerged that the studio has started to work on next Killzone game but, according to the studio it is too early to talk about the future of the franchise.

Guerrilla Games’ managing director, Hermen Hulst, talked about the future of Killzone franchise in an interview with Academy of Interactive Arts & Science. He revealed that the studio has a lot of passion for Killzone franchise but, it is too early to talk about it.

t’s really heartwarming to hear that there’s such a strong appetite from the loyal Killzone fanbase. It’s a franchise and universe that we still love with a passion at Guerrilla. It hasn’t been easy doing something so completely different. Whether or not we’ve put a permanent period behind the series, it’s too early to make announcements on that. All I can say is that we’ve always loved the Killzone universe and the Killzone series, and we still do. We share that passion for the game with a lot of our fans.

However, this is not the first time the studio has talked about Killzone franchise and how close it is to the hearts of every developer working at Guerrilla Games.

Hermen Hulst, said that the developers has a lot of love for the franchise, and they have left everything open for the future, meaning more Killzone games could come in the future.

Killzone is very key and very core to Guerrilla. We have a lot of love for the franchise. In a way it’s conclusive, but at the same time we’ll leave everything open for the future. Who am I to say we’ll never do anything? There’s too much in it to ever make any kind of definite statements on [the future of Killzone].

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