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Gearbox Software Announces Project 1v1, Mixes In FPS And Card Game Elements

Gearbox Software, the developers behind franchises like Borderlands and Brother in Arms have announced their next project, a new shooter game called Project 1v1. While it maybe be considered a shooter, Project 1v1 is more of a hybrid between first person shooters and collectible card games like Hearthstone.

As the game’s title suggests, Project 1v1 will feature competitive and past paced 1v1 gameplay involving shooter and card game mechanics. How that exactly works is unclear at this point as Gearbox hasn’t released a lot of information on the project. Gearbox did confirm that a Closed Technical Test for the game will be held sometime this summer.

According to reports, the developers are looking for a limited number of players to test out the game’s online infrastructure and get an idea of what the Gearbox fans feel about the project after trying it out, lest it ends up going down the same path as Battleborn. Those interested can sign up on the Gearbox Shift website.

The closed technical test will feature three different game modes: Ranked, Challenge and Arena. Ranked pits players against someone random with a similar rank while Challenge lets players play against friends in unranked matches. Arena, on the other hand, puts players in a queue to take down the current champion of the Arena in order to sit on the throne.

So far, this is pretty much all the information available regarding the game. Hopefully, Gearbox will have some more details to share by E3 next year. A lot of fans of the studio were actually hoping for an official announcement regarding Borderlands 3 but it seems like while the game is in development, the company is more interested in sharing details on other titles.

It seems to be becoming a trend with Gearbox Software now, abandoning well established IPs which the audience is interested in, in favor of new experimental titles. While it is a good move to keep creativity alive, complete silence on games like Brothers in Arms also does not sit well with consumers.