New ARMS Update Brings Improvements and Adjustments

Yesterday Nintendo Japan tweeted an announcement regarding a small ARMS update. They’ve mentioned that very soon a new character will be added to the roster and this update is required before the new ARMS character is launched. No details have been mentioned about the character so far.

The update is small because it has minor interface changes, but it features lots of fixes and balancing to the character abilities and traits. Four of the characters will be getting fixes for improved speeds along with 19 ARMS getting their own tweaks. He’s a summary of the patch notes below:

  • Training is moved to the top of the menu and five exercises are added including difficulty level indication.
  • Discounted the way rush gauges fill, especially for punches that do not hit the opponent.
  • A cursor is added to identify targets while doing 3-4 player battles.
  • Hit box size adjustments to where hit registry was poor.
  • Fixed the issue of the freezing game whenever players skipped the ending.

Most of the changes including increased pacing for characters that were slow. Increased movement speed, increased retraction speed, increased the speed of charge attacks, increase/decrease in rush damage, decreased expansion rate when extending.

There has been no update about the new character that is going to be added in the roster but as per rumors the best guess might be within this month. They launched a new character and did some balancing changes in the past months as well. The team at Nintendo takes Fan feedback very seriously and this update 2.1 is also executed according to the issues reported by the players.

ARMS was released Nintendo Switch Exclusive, Rated E for Everyone, 10+ for cartoon violence. The game was released on June 16th, 2017 and retails for $59.99.