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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Esports Proposal Leaked Online

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is one of the most anticipated games to launch this year and the game is over a month away from launch. Capcom has already hinted at its e-Sports plans for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and now Capcom’s e-Sports proposal for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has leaked online.

Capcom’s e-Sports plans for the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom Infinite leaked through a video. The video was supposed to be private on youtube but, was accidentally uploaded as public which gave a small window of opportunity to view the plans.

While the video has been made private, users were able to take screenshots of the video giving us a look at Capcom’s e-Sports plans for MMarvel vs Capco: Infinite. According to the leak, Capcom plans to have a total of 16 players compete at Capcom Cup.

Of these 16 players, 14 players will be from the online leaderboards, 1 player will be added through a Last Chance Qualifier event, and one player will be a special invite.

Capcom intends to spend $1,475,000 on the event and expects to gain $2,100,000 in revenue with a total of $625,000 in profits. Also, Twitch and Youtube will be contributing to the yearly prize pool and paying a recoupable licensing fee per title against 50% share from the revenue.

Also, this not the only game based on Marvel comics as Insomniac Games is working on PS4 exclusive Spider-Man which will be launch in 2018. Marvel recently explained the influence Batman Arkham games had on the upcoming Spider-Man title.

The Arkham games…inspired us to lean into our characters and trust that nailing the uniqueness of each character experience is really what’s going to make the gameplay compelling.

Pre orders for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite are currently open with the game to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 19th September.

Source: Techraptor