All of the 2017 Summer Games Skins for Overwatch

The 2017 Summer Games have officially gone live for Overwatch, following customs and introducing a fresh lineup of new skins for the community.

The scorching heat sees many heroes on the roster head for the beach to either enjoy the cool breeze, play in the rippling waves, or take part in wild games.

The time-exclusive event introduces seven new skins in Overwatch. There is Mercy, dressed as the Greek goddess Nike, and a scantily clad Widowmaker in a minimal swimsuit. Sombra looks ready to go snorkeling, with Junkrat equipped for cricket. McCree is the acting lifeguard for the duration of the summer games, and Reaper comes off as an intimidating biker. Finally, there is Soldier: 76 who is equipped with a “salt rifle” and all the necessary tools for some old fashioned grilling.

The 2017 Summer Games were confirmed by Blizzard last week as a returning seasonal event for Overwatch. In addition to the new lineup of skins and cosmetic items, the developer has also brought back the content released for the Summer Games last year. The pricing on both the new and old wares is as follows:

New 2017 Summer Games cosmetics cost:

  • Legendary Skins cost 3,000 credits
  • Epic Skins cost 750 credits
  • Rare tier cost 225 credits
  • Common tier cost 75 credits

Old 2016 Summer Games cosmetics cost:

  • Legendary Skins cost 1,000 credits
  • Epic Skins cost 250 credits
  • Rare tier cost 75 credits
  • Common tier cost 25 credits

Lúcioball has also returned, featuring a second competitive mode in Overwatch. Players can take the opportunity to earn new ranks based on their skills. Since it is a timed event, the community has less than two weeks to perfect their play and place an additional badge for the accompanying bragging rights.

The 2017 Summer Games will run for Overwatch until August 28.