2017 Summer Games Bring Long Queues for Overwatch Players

The 2017 Summer Games officially went live for Overwatch earlier today. However, as expected, the large excited global player-base has taken a hammer to the servers. This has resulted in a disruption of online services.

Shortly after Blizzard confirmed that the new content is available for access, several players reported that they were stuck in long queues while trying to log into the game. In addition, those who were able to successfully log in found themselves to be facing another extensive queue for the returning Lúcioball mode. Furthermore, the lucky individuals who were able to play experienced a bit of delay and lag at random intervals.

Blizzard acknowledged the disruption of its online services across all platforms, stating that it was because of a large number of players trying to simultaneously access the game. The developer has since then been working diligently to solve the problems for Overwatch but a current estimated timeline has not been provided.

The latest update from the technical support staff arrived four hours ago, relaying to the community that some improvements have been made and the development team will continue to monitor the situation for further adjustments.

In the mean time, players are advised to refrain from entering competitive games until the online servers have stabilized. Disconnections, whether forced or not, will still lead to penalties such as temporary suspensions.

The 2017 Summer Games introduce yet another fresh batch of skins and cosmetic items for the hungry Overwatch populace. There are seven new awesome skins to be unlocked this year.

There is Mercy, dressed as the Greek goddess Nike, and a scantily clad Widowmaker in a minimal swimsuit. Sombra looks ready to go snorkeling, with Junkrat equipped for cricket. McCree is the acting lifeguard for the duration of the summer games, and Reaper comes off as an intimidating biker. Finally, there is Soldier: 76 who is equipped with a “salt rifle” and all the necessary tools for some old fashioned grilling.

The 2017 Summer Games will run for Overwatch until August 28.