Xbox One X Will Offer “Noticeable Improvements” For Project Cars 2 Over PS4 Pro

Xbox One X has been a topic of discussion on the internet ever since it was revealed at E3 2017. While developers are hopeful that Xbox One X will have a positive effect on the game development but, analysts think otherwise. Also, Xbox One X has been compared to PS4 Pro since its reveal and according to Project Cars 2 director, Microsoft’s console offers significant graphical bump over PS4 Pro.

Speaking with TrustedReviews, game director Stephen Viljoen described Xbox One X as a “great piece of hardware”. According to Viljoen, while he can’t detail the specifics but, added that Project Cars 2 will see significant improvements on Xbox One X compared to PS4 Pro.

I can’t tell you exactly what all the various sliders will be at when you’re on Xbox One X versus on PS4 Pro, but obviously they’ll be higher, so there will be a significant, a noticeable improvement, because you have better hardware.

While the console will be the most powerful console when launches but, according to the industry analysts the price tag for the console will be its downfall. According to Micheal Patcher, the price of the upcoming Xbox will be the cause of its downfall specifically in the holiday season.

You’ll be able to get to Christmas Xbox One X launch date and for $600 you can buy a PlayStation and an Xbox and get a piece of software for each for sure like I promised that and If you can’t get that I’ll give you the 50 bucks difference,

Also, SLightly Mad Studios has confirmed that Project Cars 2 will run at native 4K and 60 FPS on Xbox One X and added that they have not yet decided the resolution for Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro.

Project Cars 2 is an upcoming racing simulator game in development at Slightly Mad Studios and will launch in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: TrustedReviews