The Internet Needs to Stop Whining Over Shadow of War Microtransactions

Shadow of War micro transactions was confirmed and detailed earlier. The internet reacted to the situation and without properly understanding what’s on offer, the bashing began. Monolith explained that Shadow of War players will be able to purchased XP boosts, Loot Chests, and War Chests.

The loot chests feature weapons and armors of varying rarity which will upgrade and enhance Talion’s abilities. These chests can also include XP Boosts to help level up your character.

Meanwhile, the War Chests will provide players with “Orc followers of varying rarity to help forge a strong army”. The XP boosts are “consumables that help level up Talion faster”. “Bundles package up Loot Chests, War Chests and Boosts together at a great value”.

These are very basic and the way Monolith is implementing it won’t hurt the game. Due to some companies using micro transactions to milk every penny, microtransactions, in general, have become notorious.

There are two types of currencies in Shadow of War – Myrian (in-game) and gold (real money). The Gold currency is a way to get gear/armor loot chests with varying levels of items, war chests with orc followers, XP boosts and more. Every item available through the in-game marketplace can be earned.

Spending money is just a way to unlock stuff faster and such a system would hurt the game if Shadow of War was a multiplayer title, which it’s not. Allowing players to unlock better weapons, get XP boosts, would have turned any multiplayer centric game into a pay-to-win mess.

However, in a single player game where every item can be earned by spending more time exploring and grinding, such microtransactions become nothing more than a way to speed up the process.

In short, it is best to stay calm and not judge so quickly.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 10.