PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds In-Game Cosmetics Being Sold For Exorbitant Prices

It was only last week when in-game cosmetics were introduced to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds through the new monthly update in the form of crates.

As a reminder, the game remains in early access. According to Bluehole Studio, the limited customization options are only the first steps and being released to “test” the loot-box system. The complete business model, where players can pay real-world currency to access all kinds of cosmetic wares will only release alongside the full version of the game later this year.

Initially, the community of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds strongly opposed the idea of micro-transactions. However, it appears now that at least some have gladly accepted the opportunity to burn holes in their pockets.

To make it short, the latest line of cosmetics in the game are now available on the Steam Marketplace at exorbitant prices.

“The highest priced single item at the moment is a purple mini-skirt that looks like it’s survived more than a few trips through the washer,” reads an excerpt from Kotaku. “It starts at $460. The highest one has sold for is $486.93, and most have gone for more than $300.”

In addition, the marketplace features pants for $287.50. There are also bandannas that are starting at nearly $400 and trench coats that will set interested individuals back by $300. Even more strange is the fact that purchasing these in-game items in bundles may cost more than their individual price points.

Is it really that shocking to see such expensive cosmetics being sold (and bought) on Steam? Not at all. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been doing the same for years. Despite being just for show, several weapon skins can go for as high as $2,000 or more.

Coming back to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the developer insists that it is only focusing on testing the cosmetics during the early access period. The final system will feature crates with different rarities, and random key-drops to open them up with. Players, though, will always have the option to spend real-world currency to open their crates instantly and access the precious loot.

Elsewhere, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to grow in popularity and attract hordes of new players. This also includes the cheating type, which so far has been purged by the anti-cheat system.