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Parts of Assassin’s Creed Origins Map To Be Locked, Indicates the Return of the Original Animus

Assassin’s Creed Origins map is going to be massive and some say it would be 4 times bigger than Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. The map features hundreds of side quests and activities for the player to complete. Meanwhile, you will also be engaged with an immersive story mode.

What’s interesting is that Ubisoft might be taking the word “Origins” a bit too seriously with the new game. It seems Assassin’s Creed Origins map won’t be completely unlocked as some areas might be tied to story progression. In a recent gameplay video, while presenting a side quest set in the Giza Plateau, Ubisoft’s

">Ashraf Ismail mentioned that it’s halfway through the story “when you are able to be in this area.”

This indicates that similar to early Assassin’s Creed games, players must progress through the story mode to gain access to certain areas of the map. This also hints some major changes at play here. The animus might actually be coming back to its original form, ditching the Initiates program from Syndicate.

Abstergo turned the Animus into an entertainment system so if that concept was returning, there was no need to lock the areas. It seems similar to Assassin’s Creed 1, in order to access new memories, you will need to play through the story and unlock certain areas. So we may see another subject going into the Animus.

Possibly, since Abstergo is using the Initiates Program, the story of Origins may be told through a different Animus used by the Assassins.

Assassins are most probably still using the older Animus design, the one they put Desmond Miles in.

It is all speculation at this point so we will have to wait for the final release to know for sure. Assassin’s Creed Origins is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC in October.

Do you think locking some parts of Assassin’s Creed Origins map is the right move? Nostalgia?