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New Trailer Introduces Agents Of Mayhem Swapping Mechanic

A new trailer has come out that shows off the Agents of Mayhem swapping mechanic, one of the mecahnics that players will be using a great deal in Volition’s new third-person shooter game Agents of Mayhem. The system allows players to swap characters like they would swap weapons in battle.

Agents of Mayhem takes place after the time-travel ending of Saint’s Row 4, where the Earth has recovered from the alien invasion and now Seoul, South Korea is known as the “City of Tomorrow”. However, the sinister organization LEGION is attempting to destroy the city and cause chaos, while the organization MAYHEM is attempting to stop them.

The Agents of Mayhem swapping mechanic will allow players to be able to adapt to various situations on the fly, so you can swap between the three agents in your squad to tackle certain situations, for instance using the hero Hardtack, who has a chain grab that he can use to pull enemies closer, in order to grab a sniper and pull them closer.

Or, if you’re surrounded by enemies, you can swap to the hero Yeti, and use his Mayhem ability (essentially the super ability of a character) in order to freeze the enemies around you and then smash them with a stomp.

As Agents of Mayhem is a Saints Row spinoff, players will be able to use both Pierce and Johnny Gat in the game, meaning that you’ll also be able to use the Agents of Mayhem swapping mechanic to switch to them during gameplay and make use of their own abilities.

If you want to see the new trailer introducing the mechanic for yourself, look further up the article to see it for yourself. In the meantime, Agents of Mayhem will be releasing on August 15 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.