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Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team Changes Detailed By EA

Madden 18 is just a few weeks away from launch and EA Sports has been revealing new details about the game. Just recently, the devs revealed the Top 5 Defensive Tackles for Madden NFL 18 along with Top Offensive Linemen, and now the studio has detailed the changes made to the overall formula of Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team.

EA Sports has revealed that they are making a lot of changes to Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team formula. According to the devs, one of the complaints they received over the years is that “players did not receive enough of an individual rating boost to justify a 2-to-3 point OVR jump” which made “players feel like they couldn’t tell much of a difference when playing with the upgraded player”.

According to EA, to avoid this issue they have made some changes to Madden NFL 18 ultimate team. In the Madden 18, players’ OVR will be calculated “in a similar way that the salary cap value is” and each position has a formula designed specifically for that position.

In the simplest terms, player OVR is calculated in a similar way that the salary cap value is. Each position has a formula catered specifically for it. From there, we identify what ratings mean the most at each position and assign a weight to them.

The benefits of this OVR philosophy shift really come when factoring in how much “better” a player will feel after an increase in OVR, and later in the year when the player OVR’s start to get a little higher.

EA has shifted most of its franchises to the Frostbite engine and Madden is no exception. EA has confirmed that Madden NFL franchise will make the leap to the frostbite enginewith Madden NFL 18.

Madden NFL 18 is an American football video game in development at EA Sports and will launch later this month for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.