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For Honor Free Weekend Headed to Consoles and PC With 50% Discount

For Honor, the PvP sword-fighting brawler from Ubisoft will be

">free to play this weekend on Xbox One, PC and PS4 according to the company. Console users will need to have an active PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership in order to play the multiplayer aspect of the game.

The For Honor free weekend will begin for consoles at 8am on 10th August and ends on 15th August. While the PC players will be able to play the game for free on 10th alongside console players, the PC free weekend will end early on 13th August at 9pm. Accompanying this free weekend is a 50% discount on the game which ends on 20th August.

This For Honor free weekend will grant players access to all the content the game currently has to offer including the full campaign, 5 multiplayer modes and every currently available hero character. This also includes the hero characters from the Season Pass such as the Centurion and Shinobi.

While not a failed game or a particularly successful one at launch, For Honor did manage to bring a significant crowd once the game launched back in February. However, since then the player numbers have dwindled mainly due to numerous connectivity issues stemming from p2p matchmaking.

Ubisoft did recently promise that they are finally implementing dedicated servers to For Honor but it will take some time before the system is fully implemented. Whether that will be enough to bring back the lost player base or not remains to be seen.

Due to the game’s competitive nature, For Honor also initially seemed to have a future in eSports with ESL organizing a For Honor Hero Series with a $10,000 prize pool. Whether this situation improves after dedicated servers or not is unclear but given the success of Rainbow Six Siege, it will be interesting to see another Ubisoft game hit it big in the eSports market.