Destiny 2 Partnership With Rockstar Energy Promises Exclusive Content

Activision has recently announced a Destiny 2 partnership with Rockstar Energy, allowing those fans of the game that consume the energy drink to gain XP boosts in the game. There will also be a raffle where one lucky fan could win prizes, including a Destiny 2-styled motorcycle among other prizes.

Destiny 2 only has around another month until it comes out (since it’s releasing September 3), so Activision is stepping up the game’s promotion. A pre-order bonus in the form of a timed exclusive exotic, the Coldheart Trace Rifle, is only one of the other promotions they’re doing.

In addition to the Rockstar Energy drink, the Destiny 2 partnership will also include various Pop Tart packages, which will give you the same sorts of rewards. In addition to XP boosts, players will be given timed exclusive access to a certain questline in the game.

The promotion brings to mind the memetic combination of Doritos and Mountain Dew, a potato chip and soft drink combination that rapidly became associated with dudebros that played Call of Duty to the exclusivity of everything else. In regard to how that’s gone over since it first started being promoted, it’s unlikely that this partnership will yield any sort of fruit.

Considering the content that you’ll be getting from the Destiny 2 partnership, it would be better for you to just ignore it and just pre-order the game instead, because then you’ll actually get something consistently useful, rather than relying on XP boosts and a single questline that is only going to be exclusive for a short period of time.

If you want to drink the Rockstar Energy drink and eat pop tarts in order to stock up on those boosts and get that time-exclusive quest, feel free. But for other people who want to remain reasonably healthy you can pre-order the game and get the Coldheart Trace Rifle when the game comes out September 3 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and October 10 on the PC.