Capcom Sends Takedown Notices to End Paid Street Fighter V Mods

Mods for PC games aren’t exactly something and are actually one of the biggest selling points of the platform. Street Fighter V mods are no different and since the launch of the game, there have been numerous mods for the game made by fans. However, this is the first time Capcom has actively cracked down on some of those mods.

Last week, two prominent members of the Street Fighter V modding community mentioned that they had been sent takedown notices from Capcom. In Capcom’s defense, not only were these two members creators of nude mods and other costumes but they were also charging people for the mods in question.

Both of these Street Fighter V mods creators also occasionally used other copyrighted properties to make their mods. One such example is a Wonder Woman mod for Chun-Li while the other creator turned Cammy into 2B from Nier Automata.

Both mod creators had Patreon pages, which although not illegal, can be considered morally dubious as Patreon supports got exclusive access to mods and in the case of one of these modders, could also request their very own mod for any character if they paid between $30 to $50.

While one of the Street Fighter V mods creators didn’t respond to questions, after taking down his Patreon page, the other was insistent that his mods had always been available for free and paying only granted players one week of early access. While this early access model is adopted by numerous big companies, the fact that the modder doesn’t legally own the rights to the characters being modded but is still earning money from it makes it questionable.

However, despite the takedown notices, the modders aren’t exactly backing out from creating fan mods for Street Fighter V or other games for that matter, and nor should they since mods can lead to some truly interesting ways to play games.