AMD Ryzen Performance Issues With Linux Confirmed

AMD RYZEN CPUs stress tested on Linux systems have been getting segmentation faults. Michael Larabel, the lead developer of the Phoronix Test Suite, recently tested Ryzen CPUs on a number of configurations on Linux OS. The segmentation error does appear sooner or later.

According to him, the only way to minimize the error is by turning off the SMT feature. AMD took notice of the problem and called it the “Marginality performance issue under Linux,” according to them the issue happens in certain intense work-load conditions while testing on Linux.

The tests from Phoronix claimed that heavy workloads cause problems on Ryzen, in particular, segmentation faults but some people have also reported stability problems. These faults are particularly found to occur with parallel compilation workloads. This is something most Linux users don’t work with unless perhaps intentionally running scripts like Ryzen-Test/Kill-Ryzen.

AMD also confirmed that this issue is not present in EPYC or AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors but are isolated with early Ryzen processors running on Linux. Since AMD tested the same with windows and have found no such behavior.

AMD has encouraged individual or enterprise customers to contact their customer support for resolutions to the issue if they’re facing the same under Linux.

Some of the customers who contacted about segmentation faults have actually been affected by thermal or power issues, mostly. AMD added that they’re still committed to working with people encountering the “Performance Marginality issue under Linux.”

They have also decided to extend their Linux testing Question Answers for future products. So that such errors can be controlled and fixed pre-launch. There are also rumors believing that the current issue will be resolved by a hot-fix or utility patch in the near future.