Titanfall Assault is Mobile Spin-Off Of Titanfall, Set To Release This Week

Titanfall Assault, a spin-off Respawn Entertainment’s highly popular first person shooter will be launching on iOS and Android this week, 10th August. The game initially had a soft launch back in May but the full title will be available for free to everyone this Thursday.

Despite being set in the same universe as the two original Titanfall games, Titanfall Assault will deviate from the series formula and will actually have RTS gameplay instead of a shooter.

Players take on the role of a commander, guiding their crew through different maps while capturing enemy territories in familiar locations from the main games. Like other RTS games, resource gathering also plays a part in this in the form of burn cards.

Titanfall Assault is one of the many Titanfall games expected for mobile as part of Respawn’s partnership with Nexon. Another game in the same universe, Titanfall Frontline being developed by Particle City, was only just canceled recently before the game even left beta.

However, it seems like Titanfall Assault will not suffer the same fate and is all set to release this week. Android users can even get an exclusive Titan by pre-registering for the game on Google Play.

Titanfall 2 launched last year to great critical and fan acclaim. Unfortunately, the game was released right between the two ruling FPS giants, Battlefield and Call of Duty, which eventually led to the game suffering in terms of sale. Respawn Entertainment recently talked about this and mentioned that while the game did sell well, just because the release window was crowded it didn’t sell as well as it should have.

Because of the low sales, the player count has also dwindled with matchmaking taking up to a few minutes to find a suitable game for players despite Respawn constantly releasing new and free content for the game. Hopefully, with the game’s recent move to EA/Origin Access giving players access for “free” the player count will rise up.