Nioh PvP Mode Added In Latest Update, Disables PvE Builds And Skills For Balance

Despite being originally announced to launch in April, Nioh PvP mode was missing from Team Ninja’s Action RPG for months after the release of the game. However, the game’s latest update is finally adding the highly awaited feature for fans to enjoy.

Nioh version 1.16 brings with it a host of balances and bug fixes after the recent release of the Defiant Honor DLC for the game. Alongside these tweaks and changes, Team Ninja also managed to finally finish the proper Nioh PvP mode and released it free to all players.

Players will have the option to choose between two types of PvP matches: skill or strength. On top of that, Nioh players will be unable to use their PvE character builds in the Skill PvP mode so players will have to get used to abilities, stats and skills once again. Similarly, Crest boons, Passive Skills, Prestige titles and Mystic Arts are also disabled to keep the game balance. Players will still retain Guardian Spirit protections although the spirit level will be normalized for everyone.

Raised the level cap from 500 to 550 after reaching the Way of the Wise.

Greatly increased the amount of Amrita received for completing missions in the Way of the Wise.

Increased the amount of Ki used by the “Groundquake” (PVP only).

Shortened the down time of an opponent knocked down by the Tonfa’s “Grapple”.

Fixed a bug in which quickly using a Tonfa step-attack would occasionally result in the attack not hitting.

Fixed a bug in which you would be returned to your original stance even if you changed stances when using the Tonfa skills “Demon Dance: Heaven” or “Demon Dance: Earth.”

Fixed a bug in which new Transformations that are added to the Trade menu by completing missions would not be added if the missions were not completed on the Way of the Samurai difficulty.

Fixed a bug in which your lock-on would not properly switch back and forth in 2 vs 2 PVP battles.

The full patch notes for Nioh update 1.16 and details on the Nioh PvP mode can be seen here.