Lisa Su Shows the Beautiful Ryzen Benchmark Kit

AMD’s CEO Lisa Su tweeted recently saying “My team gave us a Threadripper reviewers kit to keep us busy this weekend” further saying that she loved it and looking forward to August 10th. She also shared a picture of the RYZEN Threadripper mentioning her name along with Dan Lin who is the American film producer.

The is the 1st CPU produced of the 250 initial units. Sure looks like a beauty in all its prestige and glory.
These limited editions are worth paying a little extra $$$. August 10th is the launch date for RYZEN 1950X and 1920X CPUs that offer 16 Cores/ 32 threads and 12cores / 24 threads respectively.

Now considering all the discussion going on with Intel’s community about the performance gains on a competitive price.

This tweet by Lisa Su surely gives us an idea that in the coming days we are going to see TR benchmarks in a wide range of applications and potentially out-perform Intel’s Corei9 CPUs within the competitive price range.

Since RYZEN 5 and RYZEN 7 CPUs have already outperformed INTEL’s Kabylake CPUs in a wide range of applications including and not limited to games, image rendering, video encoding, compression, and decompression, handling multiple tasks at once. AMD has once again gotten the upper hand.

Specifications wise AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper dominates Intel’s Corei9 CPUs with TR’s 16 Cores / 32 Threads under a cost of 999$. Up on limited benchmarks revealed by team AMD at SIGGRAPH, it was evident that Threadripper can easily dominate Intel in multitasking complex operational compute.

A recent proof was benchmark’s conducted by ‘LinusTechTips’ with Area 51 PCs and Threadripper 1950X outperformed Intel’s 10 core ‘Corei9-7900X’ significantly on both desktop and business applications. It also performed neck to neck with the 7900X on Rise of Tomb Raider.