Deck Nine Explains Three Episode Format Of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

Life is Strange: Before The Storm was one of the many surprises at E3 2017 and it is the one I myself is very excited for. Life Is Strange: Before The Storm follows the same episodic format for the original game with Chloe as the protagonist. However, the game will have only three episodes and developer Deck Nine has explained why there are only three episodes.

Speaking with Gamespot, game’s lead writer Zak Garriss was asked why Life Is Strange: Before The Storm has only three episodes. According to Garriss, it was not something the team had planned from the start but, as they were contemplating the story they decided to make only three episodes.

What really it came down to is: the story we found that, for Chloe in this chapter of her life, it genuinely felt like about a three-episode story. As opposed to taking what we were all really in love with and excited by and trying to try change it to fit a larger model, making it a three-episode story seemed like it. Ultimately, that’s what we decided to do.

Also recently, co-director, Chris Floyd explained what makes Chloe different from Max Caulfield. According to Floyd, what makes Chloe different from Max is her destructive capabilities and said that Chloe is a “wrecking ball” that just bashes through the things that are in front of her.

Furthermore, Life is Stange: Before The Storm is not the only Life Is Strange game in development at Dotnod is also working on Life Is Strange 2.

The studio announced it through a recent Steam Community blog post, confirming that there are two Life is Strange games in development and one of them is Life Is Strange 2.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is an upcoming episodic adventure in development at Deck Nine Games and the first episode will launch in August for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamespot