Life is Strange: Before the Storm Preview – The Perfect Game for the Rebel Inside You

Life is Strange was a wonderful episodic game featuring Max Caulfield as she went through her life as a photography student. Max was no ordinary girl and what set her apart from others was her power to change time. She could go back in time and attempt to fix anything, which she was not happy about. This system collectively along with the episodic storytelling gave us one of the best and unique games of our times. The developer Deck Nine Studios has been busy working on a prequel titled Life is Strange: Before the Storm and seems like we will be getting it this August.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel for Life is Strange. It is set three years before the original game and it follows the same episodic storytelling, which the original game had and sets to improve upon it. This time we return to the Arcadia Bay with Max’s childhood friend Chloe and we help her shape her future or past if you think Life is Strange happened after this. Only this time, she cannot go back in time. Yes, you heard that right, she cannot go back in time to fix her mistakes so this adds a bit of a challenge to the game.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm lets us experience the life of Chloe before the events of Life is Strange. Chloe is nothing like her pensive and insecure friend Max but she, on the other hand, is a rebel. She is living the life any teenager dreams of living and it is up to us how we shape it. We will face similar moral choices like in the original Life is Strange. Based on those choices we will be shaping the future of Chloe. We can choose to be the ultimate badass in the game or simply stick with Chloe’s good-natured roots.

With Chloe, we get the freedom of doing whatever we want. We can steal beer money, paint graffiti on the wall and do all sorts of other activities that teenagers of this age want to do. Get drunk, smoke weed and go to rock concerts as you wish and interact with different people. However, interacting with some key people and choosing specific actions will set your future.

How you choose to act in such situations will define what your Chloe will become in her future. Feeling like a rebel? Disobey your mother and go attend rock concerts. Low on money? Steal some beer money from people and get drunk. Want to get high? Buy some weed and get high. But remember that this time, you cannot go back in time. If you manage to ruin something, you will have to back talk your way out of the situation, which is a lot harder than simply altering the time and going back.

What sets this game apart from any other episodic game is that in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, we are not simply just going through Chloe’s life as a set pattern. Rather we are the ones who are shaping it. It is up to us how we shape her life, and based on this we can make our own set of stories that made her traumatic in Life is Strange. It is up to us to set her past as a base for her actions in the original game. We get the freedom of doing whatever we want with Chloe in shaping her life.

We will see some of the characters from Life is Strange return in this prequel and you can interact with them just like in the original game. However, this time you need to be very careful with the decisions you make, as you cannot go back in time to make them better.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm has a big reputation to defend and this will eventually seal the fate of Life is Strange Franchise. Life is Strange was a very good title and Life is Strange: Before the Storm aims to be better than the original title in terms of storytelling and gameplay. Based in the same setting, similar art style, and graphics, it will have three episodes with the first one right around the corner. If Deck Nine Studios manages to create another masterpiece like the original game, they can be well assured of the success of the franchise in the future.

The first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm will be available 31st August and it is releasing across all major platforms, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.