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Lawbreakers Wraith Guide – Weapons, Abilities, Tips and Strategies

Lawbreakers Wraith Guide to help learn everything you need to know about weapons, abilities, and tips & strategies to play the role effectively.

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Lawbreakers Wraith Guide

In our Lawbreakers Wraith Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about effectively playing as Wraith, weapons, and abilities.

Lawbreakers Wraith

Tips and Strategies

Wraith in Lawbreakers is equipped with a fully-automatic pistol and a sword. This role in the game easily has the highest learning curve and require a ton of practice to be effective. In addition to this, Wrath has the incredible mobility that should allow you to get in and out of a situation without getting caught. The character not only boasts Flip Jump – three jumps – but also Wall Jump that allows players to run between walls and traverse the map effectively.

While Wraith’s effectiveness tends to diminish with increasing range, it’s not useless in any sense of the word. If you successfully learn to manage the recoil of your Spektor, you should easily be able to pick off stragglers without an issue. In addition to your Spektor, you can also toss the blade of your Stinger in order to deal some serious damage to your foes. However, once again, it’s important to realize that the effective range of the ability is not great.

Finally, coming to Wraith’s Ultimate Ability called Chrono Switch, it basically allows the character to shoot a beam of energy that slows down enemies caught in its path. Using the ability’s slow down effect, you and your allies should easily be able to ramp up some damage and eliminate them.

This is all we’ve in our Lawbreakers Wraith Guide. If you’ve anything else to add to the guide, let us know in the comments section below!