Lawbreakers Enforcer Guide – Weapons, Abilities, Tips and Strategies

Lawbreakers Enforcer Guide to help learn everything you need to know about weapons, abilities, and tips & strategies to play the role effectively.

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Lawbreakers Enforcer Guide

In our Lawbreakers Enforcer Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about effectively playing as Enforcer, weapons, and abilities.

Lawbreakers Enforcer

Tips and Strategies

Enforcer in Lawbreakers is all about successfully landing your shots with your primary weapon called Aerator. Aerator is basically a fully-automatic Assault Rifle that has good damage potential. If you haven’t played Overwatch and are coming from titles like Call of Duty, I highly suggest starting out your Lawbreakers experience with Enforcer.

While not bad in any sense of the word, Enforcer’s movement primarily comprises of a sprint but it comes with added benefits for all nearby allies. Known as the Distortion Field, this ability basically provides Enforcer and nearby allies with increased rate-of-fire, movement speed, and faster reload speed. One of the coolest tools in Enforcer’s kit is the Electromag Charge.

The Electromag Charge is essentially an EMP grenade that temporarily restricts enemies from using abilities. If you’re looking to control/contest an objective or prevent enemies from escaping a sticky situation, one well-timed and well-placed Electromag Charge should be more than sufficient.

Coming to Enforcer’s Ultimate Ability, it’s called Bloodhound Launcher and sends in a barrage of missiles that home in on enemies. If you’ve multiple enemies grouped together near an objective, you should easily be able to rack up some easy kills by wiping the entire enemy team.

This is all we’ve in our Lawbreakers Enforcer Guide. If you’ve anything else to add to the guide, let us know in the comments section below!