Final Fantasy XV Character Customization Showcased In New Videos

Final Fantasy XV launched last year and has been a critical success for Square Enix. Shortly after the game’s launch, Square Enix promised character customization for Final Fantasy XV and now the devs have given us a first look at Final Fantasy XV character customization that will be included in the upcoming multiplayer expansion, Comrades.

This first look at Final Fantasy XV character customization was captured directly from Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer beta, courtesy of DualShockers. The above video gives us an in-depth look at the male character customization in the Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer beta.

These videos showcase that Square Enix didn’t just put a run of the mill character customization in Final Fantasy XV but, has put a lot of work in it and it shows in the videos. In the video below, you can check out full Final Fantasy XV character customization for the female character.

Square Enix is also working on Final Fantasy VII Remake but, according to the game director, don’t expect any news about the game anytime soon. He revealed that while the game has progressed a lot but, don’t expect news about the game anytime soon.

Although there are parts [of Final Fantasy VII Remake] further along than Kingdom Hearts III, such as cutscenes, it is unlikely we’ll share information for a while as we switch from mainly external to mainly internal development.

Also, Square-Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy VII remake will feature action based combat instead of the command based which was featured in the original game.

Battles are not command-based, they’re action-based. Regarding cover actions, there are places where they can be done on the map, but they are not required. Because it’s seamless, I showed that there can be actions in response to various scenes.

Final Fantasy XV is a third-person action adventure game developed by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Dualshockers