AMD x399 Platform May Not Support NVMe Raid

AMD x399 platform has one of the most interesting features, it offers 64 PCIe lanes. While four lanes are dedicated to the chipset itself, the other 60 lanes are to be utilized by the PCIe devices, such as a graphics card, sound card, and NVMe SSD.

But we’ve heard some rumors that AMD’s Threadripper does not allow NVMe RAID configuration. Although it does support SATA SSD Raid mode.

Modern NVMe SSDs such as a Samsung 960 Pro has a speed of 3500 MB/s which is quite impressive. Since the performance is on a high level it is believed that NVMe Raid is not really a big loss.

AMD is currently working on a solution but at the moment it is not clear what they plan to do. Hopefully, they’ll release a bios upgrade to add the NVMe Raid feature later on.

There’s a way to create SSD RAID configuration in windows Raid format which theoretically doubles the data access rate. That means 7000 MB/s which in other words means reading 70 ‘100MB’ 4K videos simultaneously. That’s a lot of data processing and not absolutely necessary for every home usage or gaming.

However, content creators or Server based systems need to service multiple user requests to access data without bottlenecking transfer media.

Since the Threadripper is primarily an enterprise level CPU offering processing solutions to work projects and server stations where large amounts of data need to be processed simultaneously, this might be useful.

We believe that shortfall of NVMe Raid 0 feature it’s still not a deal breaker. Modern day SSDs are easily able to access 3500MB/s data and even that sounds a lot.

We still hope that AMD adds the NVMe SSD Raid feature later on since that’s much faster than SATA SSD Raid. If you believe that NVMe SSD Raid feature is a deal breaker for you or not. Let us know in the comment section below.