Insomniac Reveals New Spider Man Details In Fresh Video From D23

Since Spider Man is technically a Disney character with their ownership of Marvel, the Insomniac Spider Man game was at the D23 expo, where we got some cool new Spider Man details about the game before it releases in 2018. We learn about the game’s setting, how Peter plays, and more.

To start off with, the game’s story isn’t going to be yet another superhero origin story. According to the video (which can be found on Twitter here), the game will be taking place when Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for around eight years, and so has a good handle on his powers and how to hero properly, including making use of his environment.

To see how some of that works, all you have to do is watch the game’s E3 2017 footage, where Peter makes ample use of New York to capture Mr. Negative and his helicopter, such as avoiding a firey crash by webbing it up between two buildings.

All of the new Spider Man details in Insomniac’s game paint something of a different picture between Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Spider-Man of this game; Peter Parker in the MCU is still a high school student, trying to juggle all of his studies on top of being a superhero. Here, Peter’s moved out and is a part-time hero that’s very good at what he does.

Alongside the new Spider Man details we also see a bit of concept art, such as a few battles against various villains (much like the ones we saw with Peter fighting Kingpin) along with at least one picture of Peter’s apartment.

There’s no real telling when the new Spider Man game will be coming out, but hopefully we’ll soon be getting a release date that goes beyond just the general 2018 release window.