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Women’s National Basketball Association Will Make Debut In NBA Live 18

NBA Live 18, the primary competitor to EA’s other basketball series NBA 2K, will be making a landmark addition this time with the addition of Women’s National Basketball Association teams to the game’s different team rosters. This is the first game to do so, as women and men’s sports are often segregated by gender.

In order to bring some of these female basketball players to the coded screen, EA Sports invited in various WNBA players to provide motion capture, such as Maya Moore, Brittney Griner, Diana Taurasi, Tina Charles, Sylvia Fowles, Alisha Gray, Chelsea Gray, Jonquel Jones, and Alyssa Thomas.

The Women’s National Basketball Association president, Mrs. Lisa Borders, also expressed her pleasure with the partnership. NBA Live 18 will include every WNBA team currently in existence, however there’s no information yet about whether or not we’ll be able to pit conventional NBA teams against WNBA teams. While that would be cool, there’s the issue of gameplay balance to think about.

However, even though this is good news, the question remains as to why EA Sports has put the Women’s National Basketball Association in their less-popular basketball game NBA Live, rather than the NBA 2K games. While that may be because for the time being NBA 2K18 isn’t realistic to change at the moment (since the game comes out in around two months), a question still stands about whether or not NBA 2K19 will have WNBA players.

NBA Live 18 will be releasing sometime in December of this year (whereas NBA 2K18 will be releasing on September 19 of this year), so if you’re a fan of that series and are interested in the opportunity to play as women’s basketball teams, be on the lookout for when the game releases, likely on the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

If you want to see the trailer announcing the WNBA’s inclusion in the game, look further up the article.