PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Rules and Regulations Getting Harshing For Rasicts

Bluehole Studios launched PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBGs) in March 2017 in early access. They are updating and patching the game with improvements for bugs, glitches, graphical over haul. Recently, they put up a set of 14 rules on their website regarding harassment and racism in the game.

The explained common issues that players felt in the game, such as foul language and name calling to each other in VoIP.

More importantly, they’ll instantly ban anyone who promotes discriminatory behavior related to sex, religion, ethnicity, caste, creed or the likes. People who give real-world threats will not be spared at all. Players who harass and stalk others with ill intent will also be banned. Those who engage in illegal activities such as making a deal via the gaming platform will be banned.

Regarding the game, it is strongly advised that your personal account should not be shared with anyone else and only you should play the game from it. Team mates who gang-up to kill a single person should be reported, team kills are not allowed. Since the format of the game is every person for himself. Promotion of cheats, using them, encouraging them to win will cause an instant ban hammer to everyone involved.

The idea from the developing studio is to encourage fair play, respectful entertainment for all without any discomfort. The studio also mentioned a bottom note saying that they reserve the right to ban anyone without any justification even if they do not fall in any of the fourteen rules and categories. Everyone should play the game in good faith and have fun. They also revealed that 50000 accounts have been banned since April 2017.