MSI’s Nightblade MI3 is a One Stop Solution

MSI’s one stop solution, The Nightblade MI3 incorporates Intel’s 7th gen core i7 7700K CPU that supports 16-32GB DDR4 RAM. The compact size portable rig is fully VR ready with a one touch VR enabled feature. There are several options to customize including digital graphics, chassis paint jobs to actual hardware upgrades.

For rapid loading times and effective game’s performance, the rig is provided with Geforce GTX 1080 card, high-quality components, high-speed Intel LAN for lowest latencies, Intel’s Octane technology storage drive with 2 NVMe slots for expandable storage. There’s also an MSI supreme audio controller for the premium gaming experience.

Octane is the new revolution in storage technology by Intel that enables faster transfer of data to the processor with over time frequency of used files and applications monitored and accelerated as well. With its 3D XPoint technology it basically combines primary storage such as the registry, L2 and L3 memories to the secondary storage outside the processor, it has advanced data transfer times incredibly like never before.

Even faster than the standard NVMe SSD storage. The cost is 16 GB for 44USD & 32 GB for 80 USD.

The games benchmarks posted by ‘Optix PC’ showed incredible performances on Dirty Rally, Rise of Tomb Raider, Hitman, GTA V on 1080p settings giving 110+ FPS on ultra / very high settings. The same games were tested with 4K as well, still, giving 55 average FPS on very high settings. Prices on online stores like Newegg and amazon vary from 999$ to 1999$ depending up on the hardware configuration, expanded Optane memory, RAMs etc.

Considering its compact size, easy portability, VR ready feature, Beefy hardware, visual customization options and Optane memory feature. Is it fair value for money? Let us know in the comments section below.