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League of Legends Revenue Becomes Number One in PC Revenue

So far this year, in 2017, League of Legends revenue is the highest PC revenue, according to a report by SuperData. Then again, considering how popular League of Legends is in general, that’s not really any sort of surprise since the game is one of the main MOBA games alongside DOTA.

League of Legends is one of the more successful PC games, and constantly tracks at the number 1 or 2 spot on Twitch. It’s one of the main esports games that are available for people to watch, with millions of players both casual and professional. Its main competition when it comes to Twitch is Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The report by SuperData didn’t give any sort of exact figures on League of Legends revenue, but the fact that it’s still a massive draw both in esports and new players in general still puts it very high up the rankings. Even though its main competition is Counter Strike, the SuperData report ranked that ninth among the other PC games.

Counter Strike is actually beaten in the PC first-person shooter by a South Korean game known as Crossfire, which ranked behind League of Legends and the MMO Dungeon Fighter Online, making it the shooter game with the most revenue on PC despite Counter Strike’s popularity.

Part of Crossfire’s success is that it’s also under the umbrella of Tencent, which is the same publisher that owns League of Legends and Riot Games, and thus makes Crossfire one of the biggest games available in Asia right now.

If you’re one of those gamers that is spending enough money to make League of Legends revenue as high as SuperData says it is, then congratulations! While revenue isn’t everything (except in free-to-play video games), you’re helping League of Legends remain one of the biggest games on PC right now.