Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Will Require You To Upgrade Your Motherboards According To ASRock

We talked about how Intel Coffee Lake CPUs might work with the existing motherboards and how that could provide an upgrade path to current users and how that could be an incentive for Intel users to stick to the platform. ASRock has confirmed that Intel Coffee Lake CPUs will not work with current motherboards.

While this could have been an error from the person in charge of Twitter but it is clear that the company has not backed away from the post which could have been removed any time later on. If you have a 7700K and were hoping to upgrade to a 6 core CPU then bad luck. You will need to add a motherboard into your budget.

Intel could have shot itself in the foot. This does provide users with an incentive to try out AMD as they are going to be getting a new motherboard anyways so why not get an AMD Ryzen CPU and motherboard combo instead? AMD Ryzen offers competitive price and 6 core mainstream CPUs right now, meaning that customers do not need to wait.

Intel Coffee Lake

Keeping all things in mind I am sure that there will be people that will stick with Intel at the end of the day but it will be very interesting to see how consumers respond to this move and whether or not people think Intel Coffee Lake CPUs will be worth the wait. If you are in the market for an entry level CPU then check out this CPU guide.

Reports claim that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2 will also come with Intel Coffee Lake CPUs that will offer better performance as compared to the previous version.

Let us know what you think about Intel Coffee Lake and whether you would stick with Intel or switch to Ryzen instead. Stay tuned for more updates.