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Game Of Thrones Upcoming Episode Leaked Online

The seventh season of HBO’s hit series, Game Of Thrones, is currently going on and first three episodes of the latest season have been aired already. While the fourth episode is a couple of days away from airing but, it has been leaked online.

The upcoming episode of Game Of Thrones was shared online through a Google Drive link and is reportedly authentic. However, who leaked the episode is not confirmed and we can only guess that it might be the part of the HBO hack which took place on Monday.

Game Of Thrones is HBO’s one of the most popular shows and in fact is the channel’s crown jewel which is why it is quite damaging for the company both financially and for the company’s public image.

This is not the first time a leak has happened with HBO or Game of Thrones, as back in 2015 four episodes of season 5 were leaked online right before they were about to air. For comparison sake, the leaked episodes in 2015 had much better quality compared to this latest leak.

So my personal recommendation is avoiding the leaked episode as the quality is not worth watching and also avoid the internet as there is a possibility that you might come across spoilers for the upcoming Game of Thrones episode.

Game Of Thrones is a popular series based on fantasy book series titled “A Song Of Ice And Fire” written by George R. R. Martin. The series follows powerful families trying to take control of the fictional land of Seven Kingdoms and claim the Iron Throne for themselves.

Also, it is a humble request to keep the comment section spoiler free for those who haven’t yet watched the episode.