WannaCry Cyber Attack Hero Arrested by the FBI

Marcus Hutchins, the WannaCry cyber attack hero, has been arrested by the FBI. Originally when the WannaCry cyber attack happened, many countries and as much as 300,000 computers got affected with a ransomware. It locked access to the data in their computers, demanding $300 bitcoins to unlock.

Many people could not retrieve important data. Hutchins managed to stop the ransomware by finding a kill switch for this cyber attack.

But reasons for Hutchins being arrested has absolutely nothing to do with WannaCry. According to FBI, Hutchins developed the ‘Kronos Malware’ in 2014 which was later on patched and upgraded in 2015 February.

The malware used to access customer information and details from banking databases, such as passwords secret answers or personal information. By 2015 it was known that Hutchins was using the software along with a co-worker to commit crimes against banking websites.

According to FBI he was attending a hacking conference in Las Vegas where the FBI arrested him on six counts of helping to create, spread, and maintain the banking Trojan ‘Kronos’ from the year 2014 till 2015.

According to a US lawyer Tor Ekeland, if Marcus is found guilty for his charges he could face multiple decades in US prison. He further adds that if Hutchins pleads guilty he could be sentenced to a short prison time or a supervised release. If he pleads not guilty, he will be moved to Wisconsin to face trial.

Ekeland described the allegations are ‘very thin’ considering that fact that he has not stolen any money or caused harm to anybody. . The Kronos malware is allegedly sold on the ‘Dark Web’ marketplace. It was spread through email attachments, allowing users to steal money and internet banking passwords.