Black Squad Weapons Guide – Current Weapons Meta, Best Weapons, Tips

This Black Squad Weapons Guide will help you understand which rifles are currently viable in the current Black Squad meta. The game is still new so many players are still not sure what weapons to use. This guide should not only help you decide the best weapons for multiple scenarios but also touch on the best play styles.

Black Squad is an indie project that uses the Unreal Engine to demonstrate realistic visuals and dynamic gameplay. The game was recently released after a long beta test and is being developed with a lot of community feedback that may just mean that it stands out from among the hundreds of free to play shooters currently in the market.

Black Squad Weapons Guide

Black Squad Play Style

The first thing that you need to understand about Black Squad is that there is no tagging. This means that hitting someone will not make them stop or flinch like it does in Counter Strike, ARMA and many other free to plays. This means that you should always be running and gunning to make sure that the enemies have difficulty aiming.

The current mechanics of the game also mean that the Sniper rifles are an extremely effective weapon as the best way to counter run and gunplay style is a one shot/one kill rifle, as seen by numerous Call of Duty montages. Snipers should try to keep strafing in between their shots to make themselves less vulnerable and try to practice their aim to rack up kills quickly and efficiently.

For the people who use rifles and SMGs, They should remember that automatic weapons in this game have an enormously large spread, but strafing while firing does not affect the accuracy of the weapon that much so try to fire in controlled bursts while strafing to minimize recoil. SMGs should be used by rushers and CQB players while rifles should be used by players playing further back.

Black Squad Weapons

Sniper Rifles

The Blazer is by far the most efficient Designated Marksman rifle because it guarantees a one shot kill in the largest hit box while maintaining a respectable moving speed and accuracy. For Snipers who like to be aggressive and are more confident in their aim, The Dragunov is also a good choice as it is semi-automatic and guarantees a one shot kill in the upper torso. The DSR-1 can be good for players who like to camp and take out people at long ranges. I would recommend not using the SCAR for reasons that should be obvious.


The MP7 is a decent starter SMG that is quite lethal in CQB but falls off in long-range fights. It has an enormous spray pattern so efficient aimers should be better with this gun. The Vector has really no point in the current meta as it has the lowest fire rate and still requires four bullets to kill a person.

The SIZMPX is difficult to unlock but it is definitely worth it. It requires 4 bullets in the chest to kill someone and has a very good rate of fire. The Spread is also very easily controllable so this is by far the best SMG if you can unlock it.

Machine Guns

The only Machine Gun worth using right now is the PECHENEG B. At 3 bullets, it requires one less bullet to kill an enemy than its opposing counterpart and the iron sights of the gun are much easier on the eyes than the MK46.


The Shotguns in the game are currently being balanced so any thing I say will become probably become obsolete soon.


Right now, the Desert Eagle is the secondary weapon of choice as it can kill the enemy in 2 shots to the chest. It has a low rate of fire so aiming correctly with it is a must. Newer First Person Shooter players should stay away from pistols but the experienced players should use them to their advantage e.g. when they run out of bullets or when a sniper has to engage in extremely close quarters.

The frag grenade is currently the most effective grenade as it may kill the enemy if it lands on one. However, it is still quite inconsistent. The flash is useless as you are only blinded briefly and can still see enemies when you hover over them. The smoke is situational and may be of use to players who are able to discover Over Powered spots to throw them in.

Assault Rifles

At last, we come to the bread and butter of every FPS game, the Assault Rifle. This class is probably going to be used most often by the majority of the players.

The best rifle to use CZ 805 A2. It is the most balanced one in terms of recoil, damage, and mobility. For close quarters the G36 GL is by far the most viable while, the ARX-160 is a good substitute. I would advise against using the MDR GL, EF88 GL, SIZ556, SR-47 and the TYPE 95 as they do not add anything special to your kit and you are better off using the other rifles anyway.

The TAR-21 is good for hip-fire so aggressive rushers should be using this weapon while the SCAR is another good well-rounded rifle like the CZ 805.

Black Squad is still a very new game and the weapons may be buffed or nerfed after the guide published. Let us know your first impressions of the game in the comment section below. The meta of the game will keep on changing and so will our Black Squad Weapons Guide to accommodate any updates the developers put out.