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Tacoma Story Walkthrough – Personnel Module, Engineering Module, Biomedical Module, Hub

This Tacoma Story Walkthrough will help players navigate these areas without any trouble and earn as many achievements as possible in the process.

Tacoma, the sci-fi narrative adventure game from creators of Gone Home is out now. The game has players traveling to the Tacoma Lunar Transfer Station to collect some data from the station. The Tacoma Station has a lot of different regions to it which players will explore as part of the story.

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Tacoma Story Walkthrough

The Tacoma Story Walkthrough will be divided by regions so players can find their relevant section of the walkthrough with ease if they are stuck in a place.

Tacoma Spoiler-Free Story Walkthrough

Tacoma Story Walkthrough – Arrival

The game begins with player’s ship docking with the Tacoma Lunar Transfer Stations and picking up their Data Transfer Device to copy data from the station. At the back of the ship will be an airlock which will lead players to the space station. Players will also pick up the ARdware from a pedestal here which will allow them to view Augmented Reality logs from the Station’s crew. After putting on the ARdware, players will receive a pre-recorded message from ODIN, the AI board the Tacoma station.

ODIN will require players to calibrate their AR Tracking which can be done by interactive with the pyramid and then the AR silhouette. Once done, the Tacoma Station door should be accessible and players can ride into the main station. Once players reach the next area, they will notice that all the doors which lead to other areas are locked and ODIN has disappeared.

At this point, players need to head towards the Observation Deck at the end of the passage and then follow the signs to the Tacoma Dome. In this section, players can also go up to the two basketball hoops rotating in the Biomedical hall and find the AR button and then land a 3-point shot with the basketball to gain From Downtown achievement.

Once in the Tacoma Dome, players can view the AR Recording in the area and then follow the crew members as they move towards the Personnel Quarters to gain access to the next area of the station.

Tacoma Story Walkthrough – Personnel Module

Players have to travel down the hall to access the AI Data Access Port on a wall highlighted red. Once players connect their data device, they are free to explore the surrounding areas as the data transfer takes some time. If players turn left, they can enter the Operations area while right leads to Administration wing. The data transfer takes around 30 minutes to complete so players have enough time to explore both these areas, earn some achievements and gather AR recordings.

The Administration Wing of Tacoma has the conference room, kitchen, lounge and a passage that leads to the office and personnel quarters of E.V. Players can visit these locations after checking out our AR Data guide to know where they can pick up these recordings from for the achievement.

As soon as players enter the Lounge area, the AR Crew Record is triggered and players can find Natali and Roberta at the table, Clive and Andrew in the Kitchen, Sareh at the pool table while E.V and the housecat are in the conference room. If players follow E.V, they can see follow her to her locked office and note down the code


which she uses to unlock the door.

Players can also restore the party message on the wall by picking up missing pieces; two of them below the sign, one in the lavatory and the final one near the pool table. Players need to complete the message “Happy Obsolescence Day, Tacoma Crew” in order to earn the Spellcheck achievement.

Inside the Operations Wing, players can visit the Fitness Center, Offices, Cargo area, Showers and Personal Quarters of other crew members. Some of these areas will have AR Crew Recordings which the players can pick up for achievement or check out the housecat for Catsitter achievement. Players can access the personnel lockers by using code


for Sareh and


for Clive. Once players have done everything possible in the area and collected the data records, they can return to the main hall and by this time, the Data transfer should have completed. Pick up the device and proceed to the Biomedical module.

Tacoma Story Walkthrough – Biomedical Module

This area follows a similar pattern, players reach the wall at the end of the hall, interact with the Data Access Panel and then they can explore the two sections of the Biomedical Wing: Botany and Medical as the transfer completes.

Inside the Botany area, players can recover data from AR nodes in Lobby, Tea Garden, Irrigation, Food Supply and Personal Quarters. The door to Irrigation might be locked and can be opened by using the code


Players need to visit all these areas to get a full grasp of the troubles which the crew of Tacoma had to face.

The Medical section has AR nodes in Lobby, Medical Storage, Exam Facilities and Personal Quarters. Players can use code


at the locked terminal in Exam Facilities to view Recent Body Scan Records while the Medical Storage can be opened up by picking the key from Sareh’s desk. Once players get the key and open up the storage, they will see a picture and a skull in the closet.

Picking up the skull and place it in the Exam Facilities closet, pick up the Tacoma Hat from Storage and put it on the skull. This will unlock the Skelletina achievement. As soon as players enter the Medical Lobby, an AR Crew Record will trigger where players can see Sareh talking with Roberta and Natali. Once players have done all this, they can return to the hall, pick up the transfer device and proceed to the Engineering Module.

Tacoma Story Walkthrough – Engineering Module

Engineering module is the fourth wing of the Tacoma station and has two sections: Mechanical Engineering and Network Technology. Both of these regions have AR Desktop Recordings which the players can collect to complete the achievement and learn more about the story of the crew of Tacoma Station.

As players take the lift down to Engineering Module from the main Hub, they will once again have to attach their Data Transfer Device to the access port to copy data. This time, the transfer time is 15 minutes. Although players can still explore the area with ease during this time without having to worry about anything.

Initially, the Network Technology section is out of bounds so players will have to go towards Mechanical Engineering. Here players will see doors leading to Power Cell Access, Drone Bay, Workshop and Roberta’s Personal Quarters. In the lobby area, players will also trigger an AR Crew Record where Sareh is talking to ODIN. Players can visit all of these areas to find the AR nodes and recover them while also following the crew members in the area to know more about the story.

Players will also come across a locked door in the Drone Bay that leads to Maintenance Passage. In order to open this door, players can use the code “0809”. Players can also recover a gold wedding ring atop some of the pipes in the maintenance passage. Recovering the wedding ring grants players the Ringbearer achievement. The housecat for the Catsitter achievement is sleeping atop some power cells in the Power Cell Access Room so this could be a good time to track her down.

Once the data transfer is complete, players can go to Network Technology in order to recover the brain of ODIN. The passage that leads to where ODIN is also has an AR recording which the players can view. The AR recordings of the area are located in Upper Lobby, AI Wetware Center and Network Specialist Office. Players can either head directly to ODIN’s brain room or explore this area further to check out the Network Specialist Office and the Personal Quarters.

Inside the personal quarters, players can also find a Christmas Duck lamp, near the back corner bunk, which serves as an easter egg from Gone Home.

Once players have explored, they can enter the restricted area upstairs and accessing the Station AI Wetware Release Interface. The terminal will ask players for a code, which they can enter as


after which the AI Wetware can be picked up in the central chamber.

Tacoma Story Walkthrough – Hub

This is the final section of Tacoma Station and is where players need to go to leave the Lunar station in order to complete their mission and end the game. As players return to the first area they entered upon boarding the station, they will trigger another AR crew record. The crew members of the Tacoma station are waiting for rescue ships. Players can also find the housecat in this recording for the achievement.

This section of the station now has a number of AR recordings, which the players can find and recover. They can also earn Therefore Art Thou achievement by entering the Cryogenics area where they can find a cleaning robot by the name of Juliet. Players can interact to power up the robot, pick it up and then toss it at the Romeo bot cleaning the Hub to earn the achievement.

After earning the achievement and collecting the AR recordings, players can simply return to their ship, listen to the message that awaits them and insert the AI wetware into a slot on their ship. This will trigger the ending cutscene for the game.

This is all we currently have on Tacoma Story Walkthrough but if you would like to add more, share in the comments below.