Riot Games Confirms “Spicy Changes” and Revenue Sharing for EU LCS

It was only yesterday when a report surfaced that several teams from the European League Championship Series (EU LCS) have submitted applications to join the North American competitive circuit. The decision is based on the upcoming franchising opportunities in the region, something that Riot Games previously stated would not happen for Europe any time soon.

Earlier today, the developer clarified its stance on the matter and assured the competitive crowd of Europe that it has something else in plan. Responding to a recent thread on Reddit, product manager Marc “riotsnowbird” Schnell revealed that it is considering a new league format for Europe. This will be backed by revenue sharing and more viable business opportunities for teams to take advantage of.

Some of the main things on our radar that we’ve been discussing with EU LCS teams over the past months include: a new format, a new revenue sharing model, longer planning horizons for teams with more viable monetisation for their business, and improvements on our ability to serve and reach our European audience that consists of many countries and languages.

At the same time, the developer admitted that it is not ready to share the finalized plans with the community and management. Riot Games is still working on “spicy changes” for Europe and will appreciate any feedback that the League of Legends community is willing to offer until then.

This could be what the European scene has been hoping for. Provided that it is executed correctly, a stable ecosystem with higher profits would convince the professional League of Legends teams to remain in the region.

The franchising aspect of the NA LCS is expected to commence early next year. As far as other regions are concerned, China will be the first one to start franchising this year. South Korea, on the other hand, is not interested in doing so.