Remedy Entertainment Working With Nvidia to Develop Next-Gen Facial Animations

Remedy Entertainment is working with the world’s most popular Graphics solutions provider, Nvidia, for next-gen facial animations. Both companies plan to help the industry improve and streamline facial motion capture and animation for video game development.

It is a very sophisticated process where Remedy showed videos of actors delivering lines and the developer was able to extract facial animations. By using a deep learning neural network, running on Nvidia’s eight-GPU DGX-1 server, Remedy was able to extract some very impressive facial animations.

According to the maker of Alan Wake and Quantum Break, the process¬†“labour-intensive data conversion and touch-ups,” making the process much cheaper.¬†The neural network is first fed a “high-end production facial capture pipeline based on multi-view stereo tracking and artist-enhanced animations.”

The network only needs 5-to-10 minutes of video footage to extract facial animations. Developers can also feed audio performance which is then used by the network to map a 3D model to generate an animation.

The technology can be used to fast track the game development process for the developers. Nvidia hopes to make this technology as widely used as possible within the gaming industry and other sectors.

While others may take some time before accepting this new tech, Remedy is expected to be one of the first ones to use it. There are reports that Alan Wake is in development but Remedy confirmed that Microsoft wants Novelty, which is why Alan Wake is on the ice. This indicates that Alan Wake might not be the first game to use Nvidia’s shiny new animation tech.

However, whichever game Remedy is working on should use Nvidia’s new tech.