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Pokemon Go Moltres Guide – Best Moves, Tips to Play

In this Pokemon Go Moltres Guide, we will tell you how to play with Moltres and which is the best Moveset for Moltres. Moltres is another one of the new Legendary Pokemon that Niantic has added in Pokemon Go so we have curated this Pokemon Go Moltres Guide so you can find out the best moves and how to play with the new Legendary Pokemon.

This is a very powerful fire type Pokemon and as with other Legendary Pokemon, you cannot use Moltres to defend gyms. However, it is very useful in Gym battles. So read on and find the best move-set and playing tips for Moltres in this Pokemon Go Moltres Guide.

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Pokemon Go Moltres Guide

Pokemon Go Moltres Guide details everything you need to know about Moltres the new legendary fire type Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Moltres

How to Play with Moltres

Moltres is a very powerful fire type Pokemon. Moltres has four skills, which are all very powerful. Two of them are fast attacks and two of them are charge attacks. Now unlike most of the Pokemon whose attacks do not vary that much in difference, Moltres’s attack vary too much when it comes to dealing damage. Moltres’s four attacks are Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Heat Wave and Overheat.

Fire Spin is the weakest of all attacks with 14 power, 12.7 DPS, and 15.9 STAB DPS. Fire Blast is a decent heavy attack with 140 power, 33.3 DPS, and 41.7 STAB DPS. Heat Wave is a much powerful fast attack with 95 power, 31.7 DPS, and 39.6 DPS. Overheat is the most powerful attack and it has the power of 160, 40 DPS and 50 DPS. These are all four attacks that Moltres can do.

The best combination out of these attacks is, however, Fire Spin and Overheat. Both work in perfect synergy and they will let you deal massive damage to your enemies. Fire Spin is your fast attack while Overheat is your Charge Move. This is the perfect combination if you are fighting in gym battles.

This concludes our Pokemon Go Moltres Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!