Pokemon Go Guide – How to Defeat Moltres, Most Effective Pokemon

In this Pokemon Go Guide, we have explained how you can defeat the newest legendary raid boss Moltres in Pokemon Go. Moltres is tough raid boss; it is a flying and fire type Pokemon with exceptional damage and a huge CP. Very few people have been able to defeat it yet.

Therefore, we have curated this Pokemon Go – How to Defeat Moltres Guide so you can easily defeat and capture one of the best legendary Pokemon in the game. Follow our advice and add another Legendary Pokemon to your collection.

Pokemon Go Guide to Defeat Moltres

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Pokemon Go Guide to Defeating Moltres details everything you need to know about defeating the new legendary raid boss Moltres.

How to Defeat Moltres in Pokemon Go

How to Defeat Moltres

Moltres is a flying and fire type Pokemon. It has a total of 41,953 CP which is huge. It is weak against Rock, Electric or Water type Pokemon. We will also recommend that you choose one of these three types of Pokemon against Moltres to gain the type advantage.

Rock type Pokemon gain a damage advantage of 1.96x, Electric type Pokemon will get a damage advantage of 1.4x while the Water type Pokemon will also benefit from a 1.4x times damage advantage. Make sure you avail this type advantage; otherwise, it will be difficult for you and your raid members to defeat it.

To make things a little more easily, make sure you are at least level 40 and all your trainers that you join with for the Raid are at least level 40. Collectively all of you should have not much trouble defeating Moltres.

Most Effective Pokemon

The best Pokemon to use against Moltres are Feraligatr, Golem, Gyarados, Omastar, Tyranitar, and Vaporeon. Starting with Feraligatr, it is a Water type Pokemon so it has a type advantage. Use Water Gun and Hydro Pump moveset and it is a good damage dealer.

Next up is Golem. Golem is a Rock/Ground type Pokemon and enjoys the type advantage. Use Rock Throw and Stone Edge moveset and deal maximum damage. Next, we have is the Gyarados. It is a water/flying type Pokemon. Use Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump and you should be good.

Omastar is also a Rock/Water type Pokemon that has a type advantage against Moltres. Use Rock Throw and Rock Slide for maximum efficiency. Tyranitar is a Rock/Dark type Pokemon. Use Bite and Stone Edge for damage dealing. Vaporeon is also a good choice since it is a Water type Pokemon and will have a great type advantage over Moltres. Use Water Gun and Hydro Pump.

So, with these Pokemon, you will have no problem defeating Moltres and add him to your collection.

This concludes our Pokemon Go Guide to Defeating Moltres. If you have anything to add to this guide, make sure you use the comments section below and tell us!