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Pentakill: Grasp of the Undying Officially Released for Free

Grasp of the Undying, the second album from the grand musical project known as Pentakill, has finally been released by Riot Games for the masses.

Similar to the first original album, which was released more than three years ago, the second offering is available online for streaming at no cost. It comprises ten tracks and combines the different styles of various vocalists such as Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) and Jørn Lande (Masterplan). In addition, the album features several instrumentals as well.

The release of Grasp of the Undying is a surprise since it was only last week when Riot Games released a couple of tracks, mentioning that they finished production only recently. Tear of the Goddess and Bloodthirster gave us a slight glimpse into the new album and an idea of what to expect.

The Pentakill band thrives in the heavy metal genre and hence, the face-melting music is not targeted at everyone. However, those who love the sound of shredding guitar solos and ranging vocals will surely appreciate the effort and work put in.

The Pentakill band is based on the skin lineup in League of Legends with the same name; featuring Sona on keyboards, Mordekaiser on guitars, Yorick on bass, Olaf on percussions, and Karthus on vocals. Last week, Pentakill Kayle joined the stage as the new lead singer.