Nvidia Titan Xp Locked Performance Is A Perfect Example Of Why Nvidia Should Not Have Market Dominance

We talked about the new Nvidia driver update that enabled the Nvidia Titan Xp to perform 3 times better in some applications. Seeing how the update came after the launch of AMD Vega GPUs it is fishy why this performance was locked away.

There have been previous reports that Nvidia has locked away performance of their GPUs so that people cannot access all the power that the GPU has to offer and a few years back this was made evident by multiple users.

In the past users could hack into the chip and unlock the locked away performance and use all the power under the hood. Years later Nvidia has been able to keep that from happening. This is an attempt to keep people from all the performance available and hence people will have to upgrade sooner than later.

A 3X boost in performance is significant keeping in mind how much of a beast the Nvidia Titan Xp already is. Now you know why AMD is so important for the market and why competition is great for the average consumer.

If it wasn’t for AMD, we would all be slaves to the pricing that Nvidia shoves down our throats and there would be no way to challenge this monopoly. Still hate AMD? Think again. This is food for thought. You can check out the details of the driver update here.

We have got the leaked benchmarks of the Vega 56 and it beats the GTX 1070 in 4 major AAA titles. This is very impressive keeping in mind that Vega 56 is not even full Vega 10. AMD Vega 64 should be able to perform even better. You can check out the benchmarks here.

Let us know what you think about this Nvidia update that has boosted the performance of the Nvidia Titan Xp out of nowhere.