Next Day: Survival Beginners Guide – Best Factions, Salvaging Items, Combat Tips

In this Next Day: Survival Beginners Guide, we have explained all the game mechanics for you. After reading our Next Day: Survival Beginners Guide, you can fully understand everything there is to survive in Next Day: Survival.

We have explained the factions in detail along with some combat and loot tips in this Next Day: Survival Beginners Guide. Survival is not an easy thing in Next Day: Survival so we have curated this Next Day: Survival Beginners Guide so that you can survive in the game as long as you can.

Next Day: Survival Beginners Guide

Next Day: Survival Beginners Guide details everything that you need to know about survival in Next Day: Survival.

Next Day: Survival Beginners Guide

Know Your Factions!

In Next Day: Survival, you will be in a faction all the time and you will get bonuses and abilities unique to that faction. At this point, there are four factions in the game in which you be in. There is also a fifth faction but you cannot be a part of it as it is an NPC faction only.

Every faction has their own advantages and disadvantages. You get to the faction according to your actions. These four factions are Neutrals, Civilians, Looters, and Traitors. Neutrals are the new players in the game.

They do not have any prior reputation so every new player will spawn in the Neutral Faction. Since you will be new to the game, you will be granted access to the quest section of the game immediately so you can collect some guns, gas masks and other utility items.

The neutral faction has a very good spawn location near some big cities and town. However, they are at constant risk of the second faction of the game which the looters. Looters are the second faction of the game. Looters are the ones who are born to kill the peaceful. They will hunt down civilians and neutral faction members. Their spawn point is very near to the depot, which is very beneficial for them.

However, looters will be gunned down if they enter the faction areas of any other factions due to their looting capabilities. Civilians are the third faction and they are the opposite of the looters. Since looters pillage and kill civilians, civilians have a good reputation. Their only threat is the looters with which they are at constant war.

The last faction is actually a punishment faction for the mischieving players of the game. If you kill someone of your own faction, no matter which faction it is, you will spawn in the last faction of the game, which is Traitors.

Traitors are the worst faction of the game and you will not have access to anything. Every other faction of the game including other traitors will hunt you down. You will be spawned at the farthest places and other players will be rewarded if they kill you. So avoid at all costs getting in the traitor faction.

Combat Tips

Combat in Next Day: Survival is very basic. You do not need any special training to learn the combat of this game. You will get weapons and items such as med packs to help you in combat. Be very careful with spending these items and ammunition as this is a survival game and they will not be available in abundance. While shooting, go easy on the trigger and fire strategic shots instead of going all haywire on the screen.

Conserve ammo. Never heal during a combat, wait till the danger has passed away only then use the med kits. Stick to quick healing solutions in the combat such as bandages and painkillers.

The game also gives you cues when you are in danger such as it will change the music whenever some danger is lurking near you. Always be on the lookout and listen closely to the music. It is your secret signal to alerting you of threats and dangers around you.

Instead of going right in the face of the enemy, you can also kill them much easier. This will also conserve ammo if you plan ambushes to kill them. The game gives you many places to hide where you can plan sudden ambushes for the enemies.

Scavenge Items and Loot

Next Day: Survival is a survival game so naturally you will be doing a lot of scavenging. Look everywhere to find weapons, healing items, and other useful loot. Quests give you an easy way to scavenge items after that the whole world is open for you to scavenge and loot. Look in cities, towns, spawn locations for useful loot and items.

You will find a variety of food items, clothing, and healing items along with weapons, upgrades, and ammunition for your weapons. The military faction drops the best loot. However, they also the toughest to beat so always go prepared if you want to kill the military people for good loot.

This concludes our Next Day: Survival Beginners Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!