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Naughty Dog Is “Perfectly Happy” To Move Away From Uncharted Franchise

With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy coming later this month Naughty Dog will be completely focused on the upcoming The Last Of Us 2. The studio has already noted that another Uncharted from them is very unlikely and now Naughty Dog has expressed that the studio is perfectly happy moving away from the Uncharted franchise.

Speaking with Daily Star, Naughty Dog’s Director of Communications, Arne Meyer, talked about what future holds for the studio after it is done with Last Of Us 2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. According to Meyer Naughty Dog is perfectly happy moving away from the Uncharted franchise unless they have a story that feels right.

Traditionally we approach every game as a separate project and even with Drake it was always if there’s another story to tell we’ll tell it, but only if it feels right and satisfying, and I think this holds here too with The Lost Legacy.

In the future, if it looks like there’s something that really excites us, great, but we’re perfectly happy to step away from it.

As for the future of the studio after The Last Of Us 2, Meyer added that there are currently no plans and “don’t know what the future holds, but you’re right, it could be something new”. He further added that the studio might look into something entirely new as the studio is not afraid of exploring.

In related news, Naughty Dog revealed that they almost featured Sam and Sully for the upcoming Uncharted: The Lost Legacy instead of Chloe and Nadine but, the dynamic between them did not work out for the story.

To be fair when we explored the Sam and Sullivan story grew quickly and grew big quickly, but it just wasn’t as compelling. t Naughty Dog the best story wins and at the time we were exploring a number of different storylines and Chloe’s was the one that we settled on.

It will be a while before Naughty Dog launches the Lost of Us 2 and we are pretty sure that the studio might plan something for the future. However, it is sad that Naughty Dog might be moving away from Uncharted for good.

Source: Daily Star