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LGA 1151 sockets Won’t Support Coffee Lake Chips

ASRock confirmed on a customer’s query regarding LGA 1151 sockets that Intel 200-series motherboard sockets will not support upcoming 8th generation coffee lake CPUs.

ASRock clearly declined that saying, “Coffee Lake is not compatible with the 200 series motherboards.” Which means that Intel users will have to buy a new motherboard as well if they want to invest in the 8th generation Coffee Lake CPUs.

The most obvious reason for such a decision would be that Intel wants a different market segment, which is another way of saying that the company wants the same customer to buy a new motherboard if they want to upgrade to the 8th gen CPU line up.

Another reason would be that Intel is a conservative approach engineering company which means that unless all the new features work on the same bus setup of a previous gen socket, they’ll replace it anyways.

It’s based on the same 14nm die process, same as Kaby Lake and Sky Lake CPUs. It has more cores, 6 cores require more power draw. Intel claims that when Sky Lake was launched in January 2017, they began working on the Coffee Lake CPUs which means that they had never planned to utilize the 200 series motherboards to support the power requirements for Coffee Lake.

There’s still a large segment of users that’ll sell the old motherboard + CPUs for a certain financial loss and buy the new setup just to get all the estimated performance gains and efficiency possible. ]

Even though the fact remains as if many customers have to dump their existing Z270 motherboards to get a Z370 for six-core Coffee Lake, Intel risks them driving towards AMD’s Ryzen CPUs.