Intel Core i3-8300 With 4 Cores And 8 Threads Spotted, Could Be The First Quad Core i3 CPU

We recently reported that the upcoming i3 CPUs will feature 4 cores but no hyperthreading. While this could have been a huge upgrade as compared to previous 2 core CPUs it seems that the upcoming Intel Core i3-8300 will feature 4 cores and 8 threads instead.

The upcoming Intel Core i3-8300 will be based on the Coffee Lake architecture and the 14nm process. Introducing additional cores and threads to the Intel Core i3-8300 is a response to AMD Ryzen 3 and it seems that Intel is taking things more seriously now.

This is a leak so do take this information with a grain of salt as multiple reports have claimed that the Intel Core i3-8300 will feature 4 cores with no hyperthreading. If this is indeed true then the Intel Core i3-8300 will be the first i3 CPU to feature such specifications.

Images of the leak have been included below but these can easily be fake. It seems that all we can do right now is wait for the official announcement from Intel in order to find out whether or not this information is true.

Intel Core i3-8300

It will be interesting to see whether or not Intel decides to go with this if this is indeed true as this has never been done before but then again we never got 4 cores and 4 threads for $130 and now we have AMD Ryzen 3 as a great option. While the gaming performance might not be as great, it is still a very good contender.

We have also got reports that Intel will also be bringing 6 core i5 CPUs to the mainstream and this will also be the first time that Intel is doing so. If you are in the market for an entry level CPU then check out our CPU guide to help you decide which one you should opt for.

Let us know what you think about the Intel Core i3-8300.